Vision, Motto & Core Purpose


" To Provide Future Citizens with Universal Qualities and Indian Ethos to the Society. "

Meeting the innumerable challenges of the Universe The 21st century that we live in has bestowed us with numerous possibilities and challenges. In our fast changing world, it is very much needed for children and young people to obtain the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to acclimate and do well. The education they get should prepare them for living in a Universal Society. Universal Qualities of Success - Master The Art Of Self-Learning - Nurturing and Imbibing Leadership Attributes - Ensure Adequate Skills are Learned / Mastered to Face Life so as to be Happy & Successful. Indian Ethos The history of mankind India has been enchanting the world with its learnings, culture, art, history, central focus of the self, divinity and with emphasis on values. The Indian Ethos can be broadly summarized as self-control, concept of duties, ego sublimation, respect for truth, concern for this world, team achievement, yielding and sacrificing spirit. Therefore, it is important to take knowledge and ideas; apply these to our own foundation i.e. our own mind, spirit and social genius. One needs to Imbibe/Assimilate them into our own knowledge so as to realize a future citizen who is not just rational, scientific or industrial, but also compassionate and harmonious.

Encourage The genesis of Learning stems from "Encouragement". From birth and every step then after is taken through constant "Encouragement" to move forward. Indus believes in encouraging every aspect of Learning and help the child reach the beyond in achieving their dreams. Enlighten We have defined the process of "Enlighten" as the discovery and development of one's inherent capacity to be responsible for one's own life. IUS helps a child on their chosen path by facilitating knowledge to make rational decisions, sufficient control and resources to implement their decisions, and sufficient experience to evaluate the effectiveness of their decisions. Empower Indus believes in "Empowerment" as a process by which people gain mastery over their affairs. Hence we create a Learning environment for children to make their own decisions and to be responsible for those decisions so as a means to affect change that would impact their behavior so as to self-regulate.

Core Purpose

" Help every Child realize their full potential. "


  • I would like to thank the teachers for the effort they put in with the children. It is to see the kids blossom and grow confident under their guidance.

    Parshuram, Hyderabad
  • The genesis of Learning stems from "Encouragement". From birth and every step then after is taken through constant "Encouragement"

    Vamsi, Hyderabad
  • The school’s efforts to inculcate in the kids a deeper understanding of Indian values in an international setting deserves a special mention.

    Hruday, Hyderabad